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Replica and Reclaimed Roof Tiles

Repco can re-produce concrete replicas of many types of roof tile which have been discontinued by the original manufacturer including many popular ex Redland Roof tiles such as Redland Delta, Redland 52 and Redland Statesman.


In many cases we can also source original reclaimed roof tiles if required.

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Roof Ventilation

Repco can convert customers' existing roof tiles or slates into roof tile vents providing a simple, cost effective and aesthetically pleasing way to ventilate or to allow outlet for extraction via the roof.


We also produce a range of air ventilation and gas ventilation ridge terminals to suit most popular types of roof tile or slate roof coverings.

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Decorative/Ornamental Ridge Tiles

Repco can provide a full range of concrete decorative ridge tiles and finials which will add character to any home.


Also available on a selection of Ridge bases.

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Ridge & Fittings

Repco has a range of ridge tiles and roof tile fittings which will complement most types of tiled roof. Using Repco ridge tiles and tile fittings can offer a considerable saving over using those manufactured by many of the leading brands.