Tile Vent Specifications

Construction, Installation, Performance, Eaves & Mono Pitch/Duo Pitch Roofs

Repco Tile Vent Conversions provide a convenient and cost effective method of ventilating a roof space. 

The Tile Vent can be fixed anywhere within the tiled area of the roof and can be used effectively for soil vent and mechanical vent applications including shower extraction, using an appropriate UPVC flexible pipe.

Conversions can be carried out on most new or reclaimed clay, slate or concrete tiles.


Each Tile Vent Conversion is supplied fully assembled and comprises:

  • Dense massed colour matched concrete cap with cast in zinc plated fixings.
  • UPVC Mesh to provent birds and large insects from entering.
  • UPVC Spigot Pipe, for connection to flexible pipe.

The caps are attached firstly by a mechanical bolt fixing, and secondly by a concrete adhesive which also provides a weatherproof seal.


For high level ventilation the Tile Vent should be installed in the second from top course of tiles. Cut a diagonal in the felt underlay where the uPVC pipe is to pass through, and after fitting the underlay seal, fix by means of a tile nail. Complete the tiling in the appropriate manner.


Repco Tile Vent Conversions will be effective within the pitch range of the standard roof tiles with which they are used.

The net ventilation area of each unit is not less than 7850mm²


Low level ventilation. To provide the equivalent of a 10mm continuous air gap along the eaves, one Tile Vent should be fitted every 0.79 metres.

Mono-Pitch / Duo Pitch Roofs

High-level ventilation. To provide the equivalent of a 5mm continuous air gap, one Tile Vent should be fitted every 1.58 metres. Repco Tile Vents should not be used to vent hot gases and should not be fixed within 600mm of a ridge terminal used to vent a gas flue to prevent ingress of harmful gases.

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